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The Day He Realized He Needed An Executive Coach To Help Him Change

 pexels-photo-217661-086459-edited.jpegI had to share a client review with you:

I hired Scott six months ago because I lost my temper at work and realized I needed an executive coach to help me change. His approach to coaching me was just the right fit. I have always been challenged in communicating with staff. In my mind, I was there to get a job done and just needed them to do it. In short, I didn't see them as people, but rather as a means to an end. What's worse, I had a tremendous amount negative talk going on in my own head. It's no wonder I was using the same kind of negative talk with our employees.

Scott has helped me to explore new ways of communicating not only within our organization as well as outside of it, but also with myself. I can honestly say that it has changed my life - there has been a huge paradigm change in how I interact with everyone. While I initially thought I was doing this to improve in my job, it turns out I have grown is so many ways far beyond work. I enjoy life and my work so much more! I really feel connected in a way I never have before and my staff is so much happier.

Scott's approach, gentle but stern, was just the right combination for me. I continue to be appreciative of how much he truly cares about people. When he is working with you, he is 100% committed to helping you - even when you resist! Taking a hard look at yourself is never easy, but Scott makes that journey so much easier. We are looking to use him in group settings in the organization and I am so excited to see how he can help our organization grow. I recommend him to anyone who wants to grow as a person or as an organization!

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About the Author: Scott Sadler

Scott Sadler

Scott is detail oriented and understands the importance of creating systems to achieve the desired results. He is a man of integrity and looks out for the best interest of everyone involved.”

Bert Ortiz, Owner, Tico's Coffee